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Atre Sabz Jadeh Abrisham Co.,ltd is founded in 1994 by Managing Director Majid Ghanbari.
He is one of the first who started supply of Perfumery Fragrances in Iran , Indeed introduced it to the market.

ATRE SABZ as Manufacturer Perfumes and as Supplier in Packaging , Flavours & Fragrances.


  • Production perfumes with our own brands Anil , Rene Touch , Z.i , Touch MG.
  • Production Cream,Mascara and other cosmetic products with brand Anil.
  • On Packaging, we are connected to Iranian & our foreign partners to can supply customers’ requirements.
  • On Flavour & Fragrances, we supply your needs through our Iranian & French partners.

Fragrances For Consumer Products

Fragrance is the Most Pleasant of Expressing Memories’ Type.
Pleasing Scent remove our negative moods.
They add a sense of freshness and novelty into the consumer’s self.
These functional fragrances can perform a key role in selling products of a brand.
Home Care products such as Freshener , Candles, Cleaners…
Personal and Body Care products such as Soap, Shampoo, Lotion, Deodorant…

Let’s create a passion…
We are eager to find a solution, a scented solution till your brand has an active presence in the market!