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About Us


National ID : 14005901070
Supplier Flavour & Fragrances , Essential Oils and Packaging

  • Manufacturer perfume , bodysplash and Body aerosol spray
  • Your Reliable Partner in Flavours , Fragrances and Packaging

ATRE SABZ group is founded 1994 by Managing Director Majid Ghanbari.
He is one of the first to started supply of Perfumery Fragrances in Iran, Indeed introduced it to the market.


Functions :

  • We are brand Owner ANIL and can produce products such as Perfume, Cream, Mascara and other cosmetic products. (Currently only perfume and body splash)
  • We are connected to Iranian and our foreign partners to can supply customers’ requirements on packaging and fragrances.

Our partners in packaging’s section are located Iran, China, Taiwan, India and some other countries.

The products which we can supply are bottles, jars, cosmetic packagings and related products ;

Cosmetic & Personal Care Package such as Lotion bottle, Lipstick tube, Eyeliner bottle and etc.

Food & Bevarage Package such as Honey jar, Olive oil bottle, Juice bottle, Spices storage bottle and etc.

Pharmaceutical Package such as Essential oil bottle, Amber glass bottle,Pill bottle,Vial and etc.

Perfumery Products such as Perfume bottle, Cap, Sprayer, Collar, Roller, Machines and etc.

  • We can supply your requests on Flavour & Fragrances sector for different applications such as cream, lotion, candle, perfume and etc through our partners in Europe specially Italy and France.
  • We can supply your requests on Essential Oils and Oils such as Lavender , Lime , Rose , Galbanum , Peppermint , Rosemary , Walnut and etc from Iran and Italy.
  • Private label solutions for Beauty&cosmetic products.
  • We provide our clients with truly global Private Label support including:
  • Development and application of new formulations
  • Products certification, full documentation
  • Consistent with market trends

We are here :

– If you are a brand owner.
– If you want to produce something design for your packaging.
– If you want flavor & fragrances for different applications such as Perfume, Detergent, Soap and etc.
– If you are distributor and want to be our partner in your country.

We sincerely invite you to discuss business with us on your requirement and ideas.