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ANIL Cosmetics

You Deserve the Best !

Produce of Anil perfumes have started since March 2015.

First provided set of Anil perfumes is included 16 different fragrances of bestselling perfumery

fragrances which for beginning entered to the markets as EDP and volume 30 ml.

In order to attract your satisfaction and competition , we do our most effort till can use the

best-selling fragrances and bespoke fragrances with best quality in this collection !

We are looking for distributors for ANIL products in different countries , If you would like please send your request.

We can offer you different scents equivalent fragrances in the market with our brands.

Also can supply a new perfume bottle and make new perfumes more suitable for your market’s target. we have stock empty bottles and can provide you new perfumes in special packings.

Made in Iran

Online Store ANIL Website :

World Cup Collection , 10ml , Eau De Toilette pocket perfumes

We have a new project suitable for World Cup fans. They are included 12 different scents. We designed a display stand for per 24 pieces in one box to wholesalers can sell easily to shopkeepers and retailers. It can be sold to Children , Teenagers , Young and Old people. Sport wholesalers , Supermarkets , Beauty wholesalers and a lot of shops can sell this small pocket perfumes. these bottles have keychain part to your customer can connect his keys to perfume. World Cup 2018 is near. If you had plan let me know.

Marvelous Collection , 100 ml , Eau de Parfum

Download Marvelous Collection 100ml perfumes

Gold Marvelous Collection , 100ml , Eau de Parfum

On the collection , we can make bespoke perfumes for your market.


Mini Bodysplash 30ml

Download Economic Collection 30ml and Mini Bodysplash 30ml


Economic Collection 30ml , Eau De Toilette

This collection has 5 different scents : Legend , Aventus , Chance , Nina Rici , Alien

Download Economic Collection 30ml perfumes

20ml Eau De Toilette Pocket Perfumes

The collection have 12 different scents and they are suitable for Men , Women and Unisex.

The perfumes are :

Live Irresistible , Cool Water W , Terre Hermese , La Nuit L’Homme , Silver Scent , Emblem ,

Black Opium , Aventus , Amor Amor , Pasha , Happy Men , Dunhil Brown.


100ml Eau De Toilette Perfumes

The Economic Collection

It has 30 different scents for Men , Women and Unisex.

Men :
Aventus , Bleu de Chanel , Blue Label , Dunhill Brown , Emblem , Encre Noir , Epic , Fahrenheit , Herod , Legend
Pasha, Pegasus, Sacrifice, Sauvage, Sculpture , Terred Hermes

Women :
Alien , Black Opium , Chance , Coco , Euphoria , La Via Est Belle , Midnight Poison

Unisex :
Black Afgano , Black Orchid , Blue Ice , Escentric 02 , Oud Wood
Silver Mountain Water , Tuscan Leather